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What if you could explore a place

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In a way most travelers never could?

You will if you travel to the country of Georgia with CleverDever Adventures

It's time to escape the TripAdvisor hordes

and head to a place where wine is a valid breakfast choice, 'breathtaking' describes more than the mountains, and time strums to the beat of a panduri player.

Discover the Gems of Georgia

June 20 - 29th, 2022

on a cultural immersion tour filled with monasteries, mountains and music (and somehow, Dr. Dre)

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"I have not laughed so hard or been as comfortable with strangers as on this trip...or fallen in love with a country like I have with Georgia and her people."

Jane L.

Prepare yourself...Georgia's about to woo you

Back up - I've got questions. I need to talk to a human about this trip.

It's time to run away to Georgia, one of the last great unspoiled gems of a civilization

You know where Eastern Europe meets the Mediterranean?

Georgia's like right there. Sandwiched between Russia and Turkey, she's the motherland of carbs & melty cheese. #getinme

While Georgia was once a part of the Soviet Union, she’s very independently NOT Russian.

Georgia has her own extremely distinct language, heritage, cuisine, and a history that involves Persia, the Ottoman Empire, and the Silk Road. (So. Culturally. Rich.)

Best tour to Georgia map of Georgia

Georgia lies mostly within the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Asia. 

The Greater Caucasus forms a natural border between Russia to the north, with the lesser Caucasus dividing Georgia from Turkey and Armenia to the south. The west ends at the Black Sea and the east, at Azerbaijan.

So yeah, this Georgia is not in the USA

We're not talkin' peach cobbler on your mama's porch. No ma'am. But if you're familiar with southern hospitality, you'll have an idea of the rush of warmth and welcoming you're about to experience.

I don't know how to prepare you for the Caucasus mountains themselves. Spin on your heel anywhere near the Greater Caucasus and you'll be stunned by the views.

You’ll use words like lush, serene, and rustic. Maybe even whisper “jaw-dropping” and “soul-nourishing”. (I firmly believe the FDA would approve a trip to Georgia for its mental health benefits.)

Juliana Dever Georgia Tour Svaneti

Georgia is REAL travel cred

One of the last "I went before it was cool" passport stamps left in the world.

I gotta see all this in person - let’s book it!

Welcome to the Caucasus. Where the regional specialties are unusual experiences in unexpected places.

Like drinking wine as the Georgians do: straight from a ram's horn, arms entwined with your newest BFFs.

or gnawing off sweet chunks of churchkhela (which looks like a candle but tastes of walnuts and grapes) near ancient aqueduct arches.

or dancing with new friends until after midnight... because what else do you do when you've got a monastery for a backdrop, and musical prodigies jamming out on Georgian folk instruments (to Dr. Dre)?

Best tour to Georgia goat horn toast

My trips are all FULLY CURATED by me, personally. You'll go deeper, feel a sense of place, and come away with a first-hand cultural understanding that will stay with you forever.

Go to Georgia now, before everyone else figures it out

The pandemic travel bubble is about to burst and avoiding the crowds is going to be like outrunning hornets. They'll be EVERYWHERE.

And Georgia's not France or Italy. It's a rising star in Europe. Meaning early adopter travelers are clue-ing in and numbers are rising from here.

Travel to Georgia the country wine toast
Reserve my spot now!

Now is the time to visit and still capture that untainted, "all this... for ME?" feeling. Before Big Corps like Expedia and Four Seasons gentrify the raw culture away.

Remember what happened to Iceland 5-10 years ago? Almost overnight it became THE destination. Now the best spots there require reservations and limit daily entries.

Which is great for sustainability, not so much for intimate experiences.

Say hello to the perfect place to kick your wanderlust back into high gear

(and get immersed in places no other tour companies go to)

  • Like here: Ushguli in the Greater Caucasus

Most people - and their pent-up wanderlust - will spring for beaches and cocktails and plastic loungers by a pool. Relaxing, sure. But far from bonfire-story worthy.

This trip to Georgia will be like having the entire country to ourselves.

And we'll likely NEVER have another global travel opportunity like this. Next year will bring back the sardines squabbling over tables on the terrace.

I’ve spent months exploring, researching, and curating under-the-radar immersion adventures for you in Georgia.

My trips are hand-crafted to bring you the full scope of a culture, stopping places others can't or don't even know about.

The cherry on top? Getting to see it all without the crowds that grow each year.

travel to Georgia the country Ushguli

There are No cookie-cutter rushed stops

No touristy-style highlights

No corporate designed, out-of-touch itineraries 

...just authentic, connected, meaningful one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

Experience Georgia like you've lived there without, y'know, having lived there:

Because one-of-a-kind experiences aren’t enough. Memories are made with people. The right people. You know what I mean.

Tour to Georgia the country

Travel Fam

Top-shelf people who respect your privacy and start stellar conversations. Group dynamics can make or break a trip. That's why we make sure everyone's a good fit for these types of culturally immersive experiences before we finalize the guest list.

Juliana Dever custom Itineraries Tbilisi

Slow Travel Style

You're getting years of expert reconnaissance, relationship-fostering, and lowkey travel spycraft. All rolled into 10 days. Your itinerary is designed with enough free time to absorb every nuance, dig deep into a new culture, and enjoy the heck out of it. It's also full enough that you return home with no regrets.

Adjarian Khachapuri

Authentic Meals and Time with Locals

None of this tourist restaurant crap where they're trying to make a buck by getting you in and out. No faded menus with pictures or sad iceberg lettuce lunches. It's all the real deal here baby. Your meals are made with love, very often in the homes of locals. And the restaurants? We'll never let you eat anywhere less than memorable.

Juliana Dever Georgia Tour

Secret Handshakes

When you travel with us, you're a name and a face we remember, not a booking reference. Once you're in, you're IN. You get preferential booking and first dibs on all future trips. There are plenty of perks for being part of the inner circle. If you know, you know.

Juliana Dever Travel to Georgia the country lilac cropped

High Touch Service

Remember the whole Travel Fam thing? We mean it. Need more travel info? A packing list? Flight advice? Whether or not you should bring that third suitcase (answer: probably not, unless it's just for wine). We're here for you if you need anything. (3 doors down, room #12. The password's "cheese curds with gravy.")

Georgia tour keto's cook elarji

Community-Based Female First Tourism

We take you places where your dollars are invested directly into the community, not skimmed into global corporations’ coffers (looking at you, Airbnb experiences). We're always striving to DIRECTLY and positively impact the regions and people we visit.

We also have a policy to work with women-owned businesses first, and then family-owned businesses so that we can contribute to the autonomy of the individuals we visit. This means you feel good about it, locals benefit, and they love sharing the finest of their culture with us even more.

Clever Dever Adventures logo

I would 100% recommend this trip to others.


Madison B.

Skip the "everyone is here from the same guidebook" sights 

(and the tourist traps, the lines, the exhausting forced-marched schedule, and anything else that doesn't inspire "this is the best trip of my life" vibes.)

Don't have a travel buddy to go with? You don't need one. 95% of our guests are solo travelers.

New friends? Check.

Don't like rigid schedules? No worries. You'll have plenty of free time, plus we adjust on the fly depending on how everyone is feeling.

Unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime memories? Check.

Wanna go somewhere different but don't know where to start? This behind-the-scenes access tour is already curated. Just waiting for you to join us.

Ungoogleabe itinerary? Check. 

You want to explore the country of Georgia like a local...but you don't know any locals

Best Tour to Georgia Juliana Dever Kutaisi

Well that's an issue. But you have me - Juliana Dever - and that's almost as good!

When I fall in love with a country, I dig in and start scouting. I criss-cross a region, wander off the beaten path, and make loads of friends.

I sit and visit with people, learn from them, and ask them if they’d like to share any favorite spots that I can share with you when I bring you back. 

When you travel with me, you go where the locals go

I have an innate knack for cutting through travel noise and getting past hollow theme-park-like tourist traps. What can I say? It's just a superpower of mine.

I've created this Georgian adventure and I want to take you with me so you can connect with the culture in ways you wouldn't if you went by yourself.

If you're going to spend all that time and money to experience a destination, it needs to be meaningful.

I've had tour operators tell me I don't need to work so hard to bring you the little gems because you "won't know what you're missing."

But I will. That's why my itineraries are so extensive.

And I know you - that's not why you and I travel. We want to explore to the fullest and really understand a culture.

We love to make real, authentic human connections (and eat all the food, too. Ahem.).

That’s why my tours are so unique

That and the most awesome people go on my adventures, so having a blast traveling with each other is all but inevitable. You'll have more fun with your new traveling companions than binge-ing a season of The Good Place. 

Do Georgia the way locals prefer travelers do it:

With an expert who's been there.

Like, a LOT

  • I've traveled the world avidly for 20 years
  • Journeyed through 60 countries
  • Lived in France, Greece, the USA, and Russia
  • ...and I've been to Georgia alone four times so far.

And Sarah, my destination manager, considers Georgia her spiritual homeland. She's a Georgian wine expert who has more connections than the London Underground.

(That's Sarah next to me in the other clay pot, or qvevri, an ancient Georgian vessel used to ferment wine...and store visitors until they agree to try chacha. Probably)

Sarah and Juliana in a Qveri

Together our knowledge and experience mean we create trips to the country of Georgia like no one else.

Our guides were born and raised in Georgia, and are at the top of their game. Natia, our tour manager, (the orange-haired force-of-nature in the middle, there) runs the Georgian guide certification program in Tbilisi.

But she and her small army of smart cookies also know all the nooks and crannies of this fascinating country personally because they grew up here.

Because of this, we're able to create experiences and introduce you to people you wouldn't have access to if you traveled here on your own.

You'll only get that kind of authentic adventure by traveling with locals, not by spending 17 hours reading reviews of the same 10 things on TripAdvisor.

"This is the 1st tour I've ever taken where I felt like I got an actual glimpse of how locals really live, instead of only seeing tourist stop highlights. I could've never done this on my own."

Tammy T.J.

Clever Dever Adventures logo

Your Georgia Trip At-a-Glance:

Who's Going  

ONLY 12 people max + your host, Juliana Dever!

Any Perks?

Culturally Immersive, Local Experiences, Guided, Fully Curated 

And the Pillows?

Mix of 3* and 4* Boutique Hotels and Traditional Guest Houses

How Active Will it Be?

Moderate: Walking for 1-2 hours at a time, optional trekking, you must be able to carry your own bags on cobblestone and up stairs

Languages Spoken? 

My guides are local Georgians who are also fluent in English (among other languages)

Group Vibe  

Independent, kind, respectful, curious, absolutely inclusive, and a bit silly.

Do I Get Free Time?  

Oh yeah! While we have a plan every day, you'll have plenty of time to explore on your (Or lazy gazing at the gawk-worthy scenery)

Dietary Restrictions 

Georgia is a vegetarian's dream! We can accommodate any restiction except nut allergies.

"Loved loved loved it, so much fun, would 100% do another/more tours! Thank you for doing all of this!! It really was the trip of a lifetime!

Also loved that it was in a place most tourists don't go!!"

Taylor V.

What's Included in the Cultural Immersion Tour to Georgia?

Your inclusive tour price covers all of this:

  • All hotel accommodations - 10 nights in 3* and 4* hotels
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • Local and regional transportation via private van
  • Breakfast daily
  • Lunch, supras (traditional Georgian feasts), and dinner as indicated - Including wine!
  • Wine tastings
  • Entry fee to all planned activities
  • Private guided tours 
  • Gratuities at all restaurants
  • Intimate group tour - There are ONLY 12 spots total!

Does not include: Air travel, some independent meals, gratuities for guides, drivers and porters

Travel to Georgia the country Tetnuldi

Plus These Bonuses!!

  • 1 Access to our Georgia Adventure Private Facebook Group - Make friends in advance!
  • Exclusive Pre-Tour Group Planning Session. Virtual travel jam, just for trip members. Get your individual questions answered by the trip leaders.
  • Georgia Packing List - Must have!
  • Before Your Trip Countdown Checklist - Don't forget a thing!
Ultimate countdown list

BTW - those gems of Georgia aren't just the sights.

CleverDever Adventures attracts the BEST people. Come along and meet your new travel BFFs.

Group toast Adjarian wine house left
Group toast Adjarian wine house right

When You Travel Georgia with Us You Might Find Yourself

  • Ditching afternoon plans, ordering two more bottles of wine and playing Never Have I Ever until you're howling with laughter at something you can't believe your travel mate just revealed.

  • Pretending you're in Old Valyria as you float down gorgeous green canals surrounded by sheer stone walls in the canyon (praying the Stone Men don't show up).

  • Learning about my favorite Tbilisi monument which I call the "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends" statue (because I'm nothing if not an accurate historian).

  • Eating an intimate dinner with locals at their favorite restaurant when they suddenly break into song over dumplings.

  • You might even wind up texting some hot drummer guy in Georgian (with the help of our guides)* after you fall in love with his rendition of Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dog on the traditional Georgian doli.

...and so, so much more.

*This happened last trip, but you know, it could happen to you too if you want. We just have to find a new drummer, the last one was taken. Results not guaranteed.

OMG This sounds like *chef's kiss.* Take Me with YOU in 2022!

Itching for a Peek at Your Itinerary?

WARNING: May induce FOMO

Tbilisi view w gondola

Day 1: Tbilisi

Our tour will kick off in the late afternoon. Meet the group for an introductory city walk followed by a rooftop wine reception and dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Meals: B, D

Day 2: Tbilisi

Start your morning with a more in-depth journey into Georgia’s history, then break for architectural walks or market tours and cooking classes.

  • CleverDever Exclusive: Lucky you, dinner is with locals at their favorite restaurants in the city.

Meals: B, L, D


Day 3: Kakheti

We'll drive out to Kakheti, Georgia's premier wine region. You'll have the opportunity to get up close and explore the grounds of a very culturally important old monastery.

After our picturesque morning, we’ll relax over a wine and cheese tasting at one of our favorite wineries.

  • CleverDever Exclusive: Feast at the home of a famed tamada (toastmaster), and learn how to make traditional walnut candies.

Meals: B, L

Travel to Georgia the country Uplistsikhe

Day 4: Shida Kartli to Kutaisi

Today we visit the old capital of the region which is now an artisan village.

We'll have lunch at the home of a husband and wife winemaking couple, and visit a cave city carved from rock and abandoned thousands of years ago.

This night you're free to explore and enjoy dinner in Kutaisi which was once Colchis, known in Greek Mythology as the home to the Argonauts, Medea, and the Golden Fleece.

Meals: B, L

Martvili Canyon boating travel to Georgia the country

Day 5: Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

  • CleverDever Exclusive: Visit waterfalls and float the turquoise waters of a stone canyon.
  • CleverDever Exclusive: While away the afternoon in the meadow of one of Georgia's fascinating feminists. A scholar, author, professor, and oenologist, she unapologetically welcomes you with a sign decrying the current occupation of her homeland by Russia.

This is where you'll try and feast on homemade Samegrelian cuisine in between sips of her newest vintage of wine.

After a ride to the mountains, you can curl up in the hotel lounge and watch the sunset over the Greater Caucasus.

Meals: B, L

Juliana Dever Georgia Tour Svaneti

Day 6: Mestia

How you spend your day is up to you. Maybe you want to relax and with a book and a mountain view. Or perhaps you'll use your downtime to savor ginger tea or lattes in the local coffee shop, then explore the town on your own.

There's even an extremely good museum you can take in to further understand the high-elevation civilizations in these parts. Or you can...

  • CleverDever Exclusive: Hike to a glacier, starting at the highest occupied village in Georgia.
  • CleverDever Exclusive: Dinner is a Svanetian treat - something almost no trip to Georgia includes.

Meals: B, D

Zugdidi travel to Georgia the country

Day 7: Zugdidi to the Black Sea

If you want to pick up swirls of spices and intoxicating mixes to make your own Georgian food back home - this is the place! We’ll visit a local market in Zugdidi for an authentic sensory experience. We'll also have lunch in this old fortress town and try medók - a scrumptious multi-layered honey cake.

From there we'll continue on to the sparkling town of Batumi on the Black Sea. Chill out by the water or grab some of your new friends for dinner and rooftop cocktails.

Meals: B, L

Adjarian Khachapuri

Day 8: Adjara

I’d say this might be one of the most delicious days of your life, but that would be slighting the previous week of eating you’ve just done.

  • CleverDever Exclusive: But today, my friends, TODAY we eat homemade Adjarian khachapuri in Adjara. We're literally eating at the source of the world's greatest cheesy bread.

Oh yes, we're talking about the glorious salty sulguni cheese melted into a gondola of perfect chewy crusty bread then blazed golden in a wood-fire oven. Add an egg on top and then that dreamcatcher is delivered fresh and hot to you. In a treehouse. Because that's how I do Georgia.

Then another wine tasting. #sorrynotsorry

Meals: B, L

Batumi Black Sea garden visit Georgia the country

Day 9: Batumi

What do you want to do today? It's up to you. You can walk off that cheesy bread with exploration on foot through the eclectic mix of Batumi's architecture from Gothic to Post-Modern, Georgian to Italianate.

  • CleverDever Exclusive: You can also choose to go on a botanical walk above the sea or shop the streets of Georgia's wild fashion-forward affordable designer boutiques.

Dinner begins with a gondola ride to the mountaintop and ends in stories over dinner at a favorite local's spot.

Meals: B, D

Dry bridge chandeliers and tea

Day 10: Tbilisi

We'll return to Tbilisi with some free time for you to revisit or explore more of the city and get those last souvenirs.

We'll be staying on the opposite river bank from the start of our tour so you won't miss a beat of the eclectic vibe of the Dry Bridge flea market, Fabrika food shops, or Agmashenebeli Avenue.

  • CleverDever Exclusive: Our farewell dinner will be an unforgettable one.

Meals: B, D

*activities subject to change


Kind traveler logo


Adventure ATTA Media Badge
ATTA Covid badge
2018 NATJA Gold Seal
Group at Simon's house

Ready for "Wheels Up?"

(and joyous, cheese-loaded, carb-wielding, wine-sipping, gut-busting, loud-singing, laugh-crying memories with new friends?)

Pricing and Payment Options

10 Day Culturally Immersive Tour to Georgia

Includes lodging, ground transportation, most meals, wine, professional guides, all planned activities, bonuses PLUS travel with Juliana Dever!

(Hi! Yes, I'll be there from our first 'hello' to the final joyfully teary 'goodbye' - BUT THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE LAST YEAR!)

Come Travel with Me to Georgia in June!

  • Deposit today: $395 USD (non-refundable)
  • Balance due: $5,102 USD by May 20, 2022
  • Pricing based on: Double occupancy
  • Single upgrade: $600

$5,497 USD

I loved every minute. It was so well organized, planned, and we had such great guides - it made this the best holiday of my life. I would definitely go on another CleverDever Adventure, it is worth every penny.”

Ruth W.

Want Your Own Space?

Upgrade to a private room for the entire trip for only $600USD.

Just check the box single supplement box when you check out.

  • You must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence and at least 21 years of age by the start of the tour.  

Want a Roommate?

Traveling Solo but want to take advantage of the double occupancy rate?

Request to share a room with another single traveler upon checkout.

We will do our best to fulfill all share requests, however, we cannot guarantee a roommate.

  • If we cannot pair you, the single supplement rate will apply as a separate payment 30 days prior to departure.

New COVID-19 Policy

Health and safety is our first priority. If we must reschedule this trip due to COVID-19, we will reschedule you onto the future trip of your choice with *no* penalty or fees. More info here.

  • You MUST be fully vaccinated no less than two weeks prior to departure and provide valid proof of vaccination.
  • You must also adhere to all mask and social distancing requirements as required by law.

Covid-19 Safety Guarantee

If the tour needs to be postponed due to covid, your paid-up funds are transferrable to any trip through 2023!

Please read our Georgia Terms, Conditions, Refund and Cancellation Policy here.


Wait. Do you have so many questions right now?

I'm here for you!

Book a free 15-minute call with me and we'll have a no-presh chat about whether this trip's for you.

Because I want you to be so happy (and happy travelers make better friends both off and on the road).

"As someone who has really never traveled, this trip was even more incredible than I thought it was going to be! We did unique, not touristy activities that really gave me an experience not a vacation."

Lori B.

Georgia FAQs

Is it safe to travel to Georgia?  

Yes. Georgia is a safe country, and in fact, rates higher in the Gallup Law and Order report than the United States. While you may have recently heard of Georgia in the news for having disagreements with Russia (an issue they've had for centuries), these have been largely peaceful in recent years.  

For anyone that has seen travel advisories issued by their local government, please note that they affect disputed territories that we will neither cross into nor travel near. 

What city do you fly into?  

The main capital city of Tbilisi is the most accessible to fly into. It’s also where we’ll start our tour. Please note that almost all flights arrive around 3 - 4 in the morning. But don't worry! My team will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel in the city center where your room will be waiting for you. You can crawl into bed in your clothes. I won't judge.

What's the currency? What is the best way to get it?  

The Georgian Lari is the national currency. As a very general guideline, you can expect roughly a 2 to 1 exchange rate with the US Dollar and 3 to 1 with Euro. Laris can easily be obtained at any ATM, including the airport when you land and the lobby of your hotel. You won't need any Lari immediately as my team is picking you up and you can tip the driver at the end of the tour.

Is the tour open to everyone globally?  

Yes! Everyone’s invited!  

Will I need a visa?  

Most travelers to Georgia do not need a visa including visitors from North America and the European Union, however, be sure to double-check that it is not required for your country of residence here.  

One other thing, Georgia absolutely requires a valid passport, so make sure you have one and that it’s valid for at least six months after the finish of our trip. Go check your passport and be sure the expiration date is December 1, 2021 or after.    

What language do they speak in Georgia?  

Georgian. Many people in cities and towns speak English. Most people under 35 speak Georgian and English, while folks over 35 tend to speak Georgian and Russian. But we’ll also have several Georgian guides with us to help prevent anything getting lost in translation!

What's the climate like?  

On the coast, it can be mild and rainy but during the summer there are large amounts of sun. In the mountains, it will be cooler. For the most part, the areas that we will be visiting in the central plains will be sunny, nice and warm. Expect highs around 85°F/ 29.5°C and lows of 65°F/18°C everywhere but in the mountains where it is typically about 10 degrees cooler.    

How should I dress?  

Georgia is very western with respect to dress, so you don’t have to make any special considerations when visiting other than dressing for the weather. Because we will be going up to the mountains, you'll need light layers and a rain jacket. We’ll also be doing some hiking, so you’ll want appropriate footwear for both terrain and comfy shoes for city walking.  

Don’t worry, I’ll send everyone who’s going with me a suggested packing list. 😉

What's the food like? How can food restrictions be accommodated?  

You can get the rundown from this post that I wrote specifically about Georgian food. But expect meals filled with wonderful vegetable dishes, lots of cheesy bread (I know you all can’t WAIT to try that cheesy bread!), dumplings, and I’m told there are some great meals if you eat meat as well.  

We can accommodate for celiac, vegan, vegetarian, kosher and other food restrictions. Please note Georgians cook very heavily with walnuts and sunflower oil so nut allergies are very difficult to accommodate. Therefore we do not take liability for this.  

What's the wine like?  

I hope you like wine. 😍🍷 This is a trip to a wine-lovers paradise.

We will be visiting several winemakers during this trip and trying lots of wines. The reds are deep and powerful, the whites can be fruity, fragrant and lively and the ORANGE wine…oh it’s my favorite by far. It might take a few tastings to appreciate it, but it just might become your all-time favorite!

How much hiking will we be doing?  

Once we drive up to the mountains you can take a half-day hike in Mestia, or opt to go via 4x4s even further up into Ushguli, the most remote settlement in Georgia, for a full day hike to Shkara Glacier. How much or how little is up to you.

How's the Internet?  

Georgia is very well wired and many cafes and museums have free Wi-Fi if you ask for the password. You can also very easily purchase a Georgian SIM cards at the start of the tour to have connection between hotels.

Will you (Juliana) be on tour with us?

Yes, though this may be the last year I can. My tour and acting schedule is filling up like me after forcing down one last dumpling. So, if you have your heart set on traveling with me to Georgia - do it this is the year.

Trip To Georgia
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