Journey Across Georgia 🇬🇪

June 14 - 23, 2021

on a cultural immersion tour filled with monasteries, mountains and music (and somehow, Dr. Dre)

“This is the first tour I've ever taken where I felt like I got an actual glimpse of how locals really live, instead of only seeing tourist stop highlights. I could've never done this on my own.” 

-Tammy T.J. 

My immersion trips take you where other tour companies don't

When I fall in love with a country, I dig in and start scouting. I criss-cross a region, wander off the beaten path, and make loads of friends.

I sit and visit with people, learn from them, and ask them if they’d like to share any favorite spots that I can share with you when I bring you back. 

When you travel with CleverDever Adventures, you go where the locals go

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